CompTIA Cloud+ CVO-002


The CompTIA Cloud+ Training IT Course

Our online course is designed to provide IT professionals and Cloud Specialist, with the knowledge and skills needed to work in a modern cloud infrastructure services datacenter and covers all the objectives required to pass the CompTIA Cloud+ CVO-002 Certification Exam.

Cloud-based infrastructure is becoming an invaluable part of an organization’s IT systems and provides readily available resources for organizations vast network to select from at a moment’s notice. These cloud-based infrastructure services and resources include services that range from pre-installed physical servers all the way up to pre-configured software and allows organizations to choose the level of service that fits their organization’s requirements and budget.

The CompTIA Cloud+ is a vendor-neutral certification that provides training in all areas necessary for IT professionals to effectively and successfully deploy or migrate their organization to the cloud service models, utilizing the most efficient service and common cloud deployment model, while also managing cost, compliance, and security-relevant to the organization. It also provides a solid foundation for students who want to continue their education with vendor-specific certifications and grow their technical skills and become proficient in cloud architecture.

CompTIA Cloud+ Training Certification Exam Objectives

This course flows through the five CompTIA Cloud+ Training Certification Exam Objectives; Configuration and Deployment, Security, Maintenance, Management, and Troubleshooting in a logical manner.

  • First, the course covers basic cloud concepts and evaluating existing components and services for migration to the cloud, as well as, planning and preparing for cloud deployment, and implementing and testing a pilot project.
  • Next, it moves into designing a cloud environment based on compliance, security, and identity access management requirements.
  • After that, it covers maintenance, backup, restores, disaster recovery, and business continuity measures. Last, it finishes up with analyzing performance, growth forecasting, and troubleshooting.

This Cloud+ Training is ideal for IT personnel who focus on infrastructure, those who are interested in becoming cloud practitioners, IT project managers who manage migrations, and IT managers who need a clear understanding of cloud technologies.

Information technology professionals with two to three years of infrastructure experience and those who are preparing for the Cloud+ certification exam.

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