Certified Ethical Hacker(CEH) v12


CEH 12 is the latest iteration of EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker version 12 series allowing you to learn what is needed to become obtain certified ethical hacker certification. In this course you will research, discover and scan targets, analyze cyber security, vulnerabilities and test attack vectors, methods and tools related to various ethical hacking concepts and techniques. The certification is focused on teaching network and information security professionals and disciplines.

In this course, you will solve the challenge of breaking into a target organization or network, collect evidence of success, and escape unnoticed. Every lesson and topic are infused with step-by-step guided practice using real hardware- and software-based, ethical hacker and ethical hacking, certification tools. Throughout both lecture and hands-on activities, the instructor provides commentary from the field including tips, tricks, and hard-learned lessons. Students are provided with an extensive setup guide to create a completely virtual environment.  This allows you to gain hands-on experience to better learn ethical hacking skills, and prepare for ethical hacker ethical hacking certification,.  The course also combines practice exam test questions to reinforce your retention of the training.

You will learn to find security vulnerabilities in target operating systems., used to hack Windows and Linux systems, enumerate targets, steal information, make cloud attacks, hide secret messages in plain sight, and cover their tracks. You will crack passwords, intercept transmissions, use malware to compromise web services, operating systems, and social networking sites, engineer the unsuspecting, and sniff, spoof, escalate, and denial-of-service your way to “pwning” a target*.

Along with such venerable tools as nmap and netcat, you will learn how to use the Metasploit Framework and Kali Linux to test a wide array of attacks. You will search Exploit-DB, GitHub, and other sites for the latest exploit code, using those hacks when existing tools just won’t do.  In the end, you will feel confident to consider yourself a skilled professional.  This course will help you know what you need to know to help combat malicious and ethical hackers, and the malevolent and successful ethical hacker.  A key factor to being an effective Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is to be able to implement effective and appropriate security controls to detect and keep those malicious hackers and ethical hackers away from and out of your network.

* To pwn: (pronounced “pone”). In hacker vernacular, to “punk” and “own” (completely take over) a system.

Why you should take Ethical Hacking Training?

Whether you are seeking your ethical hacking certification, planning for your ethical hacking certification exam  or just wanting to explore more about ethical hacking and hacking concepts, this online training for CEH v12 puts you in the driver’s seat of penetration testing. In addition to covering all of the relevant CEH 312-50 exam objectives, you will practice top ethical hacking courses extensively. For those truly seeking a career in cybersecurity, view our extensive blog, “Cybersecurity Career Path: Skills, Roles & Opportunities“.  Getting your CEH credential will afford you the baseline knowledge of cyber security threats necessary to move forward in your ethical hacking career.

Combine CEH with PenTest+ and Become A Penetration Tester

Expanding even further, ITU also offers an extensive PenTest course designed to take your own cyber security and information security skills to the max level by learning to be a top-notch penetration tester.  Becoming a penetration tester is an excellent career choice in cyber security and information security, as you learn to find vulnerabilities in systems that enable you gain access to networks and data.  A penetration tester can easily earn a 6-figure salary in today’s IT environment.

Who Benefits from taking our Online Training Ethical Hacking Courses?

This course is intended for IT security professionals, Cybersecurity professionals and those with cyber range and specialized skills focused on security professionals in the following IT careers:

  • Ethical hacker
  • Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Cybersecurity Consultant
  • White Hat Hacker
  • System Administrator
  • Network Administrator
  • Engineer
  • Web manager
  • Security Analyst
  • Security Consultant
  • Auditors
  • Security Professionals
  • and anyone else working in the cybersecurity industry.

Prerequisites For Our CEH Training Course:

The CEH cybersecurity certifications are an excellent course for those with some prior knowledge of both Networking and general web and network security principles.  While there are no requirements for taking this course, it is highly recommended that you have already completed the CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Security+ courses, both of which are taught from a vendor-neutral perspective or have equivalent knowledge. You will also need a 64-bit PC that supports VMware Workstation Player virtualization, with a minimum of 8 GB of RAM (16 GB is preferred), and 100 GB of free disk space, running Windows 10 Professional or later.

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