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12 Months


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For professionals aiming to specialize in the rapidly expanding field of blockchain technology, the Accredited Institute of Information Technology (AIIT) offers a focused learning path leading to a career as a blockchain expert. This pathway includes:

  1. Enterprise Blockchain Bootcamp for Solutions Engineers: This intensive bootcamp is designed to jumpstart your blockchain journey. It provides a comprehensive overview of blockchain technology and its impact on enterprises. You’ll gain a solid understanding of different blockchain platforms, smart contracts, and how blockchain can be applied to solve real-world business problems. The bootcamp emphasizes practical skills and hands-on experience, making it ideal for solutions engineers who need to apply blockchain technologies in their projects.
  2. Certified Blockchain Solutions Architect (CBSA): As a Certified Blockchain Solutions Architect, you will learn to design blockchain solutions, a critical skill in the enterprise technology space. This certification ensures you are well-versed in blockchain basics, such as network architecture, permissions, consensus models, and the trust layers that underpin all blockchain interactions. This course is designed to provide you with the strategic framework needed for the decisions you’ll make as a solutions architect.
  3. Certified Blockchain Developer Hyperledger (CBDH): This certification is focused on developing blockchain applications using Hyperledger technologies. You’ll learn about the Hyperledger ecosystem and how to build private blockchain networks. This course provides you with the skills to install Hyperledger Fabric, write chaincode (smart contracts), develop client applications, and manage a Hyperledger Fabric network. It’s perfect for developers who want to enhance their skills and build blockchain-based applications for enterprises.

Each course in this learning path is designed to build upon the previous one, ensuring that by the end, participants have a detailed understanding of how blockchain technologies can be used to innovate and transform business processes and solutions. AIIT’s course bundle is an ideal combination of theory and practice, providing the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in the blockchain industry.

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