Certified Blockchain Developer – Hyperledger (CBDH)


Blockchain technologies are no longer just theoretical. They have evolved from a hypothetical concept to being carried out in production. As such, understanding how to develop blockchain applications is becoming an increasingly sought-after skill among developers and software engineers alike – making our course Certified Blockchain Developer – Hyperledger (CBDH) the right time for you to jump into the world of blockchain technology!

If you’re searching for an efficient way to become Blockchain Training Alliance Certified in the field of Blockchain Development – then this course is perfect for you! Technology-oriented engineers, application developers, software engineers or anybody wanting to obtain a CBDH Certification can benefit from this program. We will explore the exam synopsis and all necessary components needed to successfully complete your certification with ease.

Get ready as we take on one of the most sought after certifications out there today: The Blockchain Training Alliance’s Certified Blockchain Developer – Hyperledger (CBDH) Certification!

What is a CBDH? A person who holds this certification demonstrates their ability to:

  • Plan and prepare production-ready applications for the Hyperledger blockchain
  • Write, test, and deploy secure chain code
  • Understand how to use Hyperledger Composer to rapidly build Hyperledger applications
  • Write chain code using either Go or NodeJS
  • What we will cover to get you enabled
  • Understand the objectives for the Certified Blockchain Developer –Hyperledger Exam

The Certified Hyperledger Developer Exam main objectives are:

  • Create a Hyperledger model
  • Build proper access controls for blockchain assets via .acl
  • Implement a Hyperledger “.bna” banana
  • Write and compile smart contracts as chain code
  • Deploy smart contracts on channels in the private network
  • Resources to help study for the exam

This Blockchain Certification training course is for you because…You are a developer or software engineer and want to understand the materials to study for the CBDH certification exam.


  • 1 Year Development Experience
  • 3 Months Hyperledger Experience

Benefits of gaining Certified Hyperledger Developer Exam Certification

Gaining this certification illustrates that the holder has determined their capacity to: Strategize and build production-ready applications for Hyperledger blockchain, Compose, test, and deploy secure chain code; Grasp how they can use Hyperledger Composer swiftly to construct Hyperledger programs; Script chain code using either Go or NodeJS language, Design a comprehensive model in the Hyperledger platform; Establish proper access controls on contents within the blockchain through .acl files. Construct an appropriate “.bna” banana file of the Hyperledger network as well as craft & compile smart contracts into Chaincodes before finally deploying it onto multiple channels within a private Network.

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