Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing


In this Social Media Marketing online training course, you will learn how to take advantage of social media platforms for marketing objectives. From creating a customer report and building an objective market profile to executing a competitive analysis and forming user personas, we will cover it all! Use cases are prime examples of the different ways that your newly acquired skills can be used in real-world scenarios.



About our online marketing courses

This online course is about utilizing social media platforms for marketing purposes. The course covers details of how to begin a plan for a social media marketing strategy, including making a client brief, building a target market profile, and developing a competitive analysis as a marketer. In addition, the instructor will discuss the process of building user personas so that students can use them in marketing scenarios known as use cases.

Are you a social media expert or just starting out? This course offers the most sought-after and acknowledged digital marketing and soft skills around the world. You’ll stay up to date on cutting edge digital strategies that will help your business grow.


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