AWS for Beginners


About our AWS cloud online course

This Amazon Web Services Beginners online training Course introduces students to the AWS Cloud Storage Gateway features and the functions of its three modes: File, Volume, and Tape. It teaches students how to create and manage each type of gateway by using the AWS Management Console. In addition, it provides the skills to apply AWS security features to protect access to data in the gateway and in the AWS Cloud. Finally, it teaches users how to monitor gateways for performance and troubleshoot common problems that can arise in the day-to-day operation of a Storage Gateway.

This AWS Technical Essentials is designed for enterprise Cloud Storage engineers to learn how to architect Cloud Management and highly available solutions, with a focus on AWS storage services.

Intended Audience for this self-paced training

This provides an overview of some of AWS cloud services and basic knowledge of what the services are for the specified objectives. This is intended for Sales, Marketing, Project Managers, and new business professionals learning AWS, as well as IT Professionals who have a working knowledge with AWS. This is designed to teach you some basic concepts of cloud computing and Cloud Architect.

Who Can Benefit from Entry-Level Skills Training?

This entry-level AWS training is ideal for cloud administrators, as well as IT professionals with at least one year of experience in the field. It offers a comprehensive overview of fundamental cloud services and terminology, so that any learner can master their skillset from beginner to advanced levels. Even experienced administrators will benefit from this foundational course – it’s an excellent way to validate your existing AWS knowledge!

New cloud administrators who are just starting out.

Gaining proficiency in cloud administration necessitates the comprehension of terminology, technology and practices. This starter training teaches all the necessary basics for working with AWS resources professionally. Consequently, it’s an ideal place to begin for individuals looking to work on AWS infrastructure who are just beginning their journey as a cloud administrator.

Experienced cloud administrators.

For enterprises running their vital systems in the leading public cloud infrastructure platform, AWS, there is a high demand for capable administrators who can properly monitor, manage and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. This introductory training begins by giving you the essential terms and basics needed to efficiently take charge of your production environment’s AWS resources. It provides an ideal launching pad into this ever-evolving field!

IaaS and AWS storage

The foundation of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) lies in the storage solutions provided by AWS. Through their variety of storage services, you can design and construct an ideal solution tailored to your needs. Taking into consideration what each service is designed for will enable you to institute optimal practices that guarantee secure data transfer, storing and backup processes with maximum efficacy and scalability. This course will hone in on all of the AWS-provided storage services, illuminating each service’s purpose, key features and when and why it should be implemented into your own system.

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