Microsoft Office Training Bundle - 18 Courses


This Microsoft Office training Series includes 18 courses

In today’s competitive economic atmosphere, having certifications to vouch for your skills is key to distinguishing yourself from the competition in the job market. Microsoft certifications not only demonstrate an employee’s marketability, but also validate their experience and proficiency to a potential employer. This Microsoft Office training series will help your master your Microsoft Office skillset. IT Academy understands the professional needs of our students and has created this bundle specifically for business, HR, sales, office administration or accounting professionals to learn the skills necessary to obtain those positions they are passionate about. With this bundle you will acquire relevant management tools as well as certifications that will boost your chances of attaining that dream role!

Computers drastically revolutionize the modern office, enabling us to work with greater speed and accuracy than ever before. Yet without knowledge of relevant skills and platforms, many people are struggling through projects that could take a few minutes if they were properly equipped. IT Academy’s online classes are self-paced, comprehensive and specifically tailored to help professionals gain the skills they need in order to become certified on Microsoft technologies.

Learn to harness the power of Microsoft Office Suite with our Ultimate Microsoft Office training series. With comprehensive lessons on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and more you will increase your skill level and become a pro in no time!

Prepare for your Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification

Unlock your potential and become a more competent employee with Microsoft Office Suite. With this Microsoft Office training, our Microsoft Certification Career Advancement Bundle provides certification courses for Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook that will help you prepare to receive a MOS certificate. With these tools under your belt you can expedite tasks in no time!

Completing the online Microsoft Office training courses will give you valuable knowledge.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of functions of Office 365 and structure
  • Developing your skill sets for common business processes
  • With this program, you can get ready to pass your Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification.
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