Web Development and Programming Bundle



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Web development comes in many flavors.  And we have a bundle that covers many of them.  Get this hot deal that includes 14 courses and over 100 hours of training covering web development and programming.

Dive into the world of web development with our comprehensive Web Development & Programming Training Series. This bundle offers a rich blend of thirteen courses, covering a wide spectrum of web development disciplines to cater to the evolving demands of the industry. The training series, packed with over 100 hours of training, is an ideal starting point for individuals seeking to break into the dynamic field of web development or seasoned professionals looking to brush up their skills.

The training program begins with fundamental courses in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, laying the groundwork for building and styling web pages. The courses tackle topics such as HTML skeletons, CSS fundamentals, image elements, responsive design, and more. As the program progresses, participants will delve into more advanced subjects like media queries, web server basics, and programming with JavaScript. The training also includes a practical component, where learners will get hands-on experience building a calculator.

Additionally, the training series offers a course focused on HTML5 and CSS3 fundamentals. This course is structured to provide learners with a deeper understanding of these core web technologies, offering modules that cover everything from basic HTML structures and CSS styling to page layouts and web design. Towards the end of the course, participants will explore the world of web multimedia and interactivity, including audio and video elements, CSS3 interactivity, and HTML5 APIs.

Lastly, the training series incorporates an Adobe Dreamweaver course, a tool that is widely used in the industry for web design and development. The course is designed to provide a hands-on approach to learning, starting with basic tasks like setting up your workspace and creating a new site, and progressing to more complex operations like building web pages, adding colors and style, and ultimately exporting your site to the web. This blended learning approach ensures that participants not only gain theoretical knowledge but also acquire practical skills that are vital in the real world​​.

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