Adobe Portfolio

Adobe Portfolio


This Adobe Portfolio Training course will teach you how to use this online, social-media based website editor. You will learn how to create, manage, and personalize your work in order to showcase it to others. This course is great for anyone in the graphic design field, as well as all those involved in a creative profession.



Adobe Portfolio is an online portfolio social media-based website editor that allows creative professionals to create, manage, and personalize their work in order to showcase to other users and contains millions of designer profiles! Designers can quickly and simply build a personalized website to showcase their creative work with Adobe Portfolio which is included free with any Creative Cloud subscription.

Adobe Portfolio is optimized for showcasing images of projects creative work where designers can choose from a selection of layouts created with a portfolio in mind, designed to fit any creative field, from art, illustration, photography, graphic design, fashion, architecture, motion graphics, to web design, and more. It links directly to Adobe Lightroom using collection sets and updating the gallery is as easy as adding or removing an image from the digital projects collection.

With Adobe Portfolio included in any Creative Cloud plan, visual designers can easily and quickly create a website to exhibit their work without the need for web design proficiency.  Go ahead—showcase your talent with minimal effort!

Why take this course?

Jumpstart your creative career with this comprehensive online course on Adobe Portfolio. Learn how to craft a portfolio that fits your unique style, choose the right template and customize it according to your needs, import content from Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator or Behance Project and publish it with a custom domain name. Get ready for success!

This course is great for anyone in the Graphic Design field, as well as others involved in a creative profession.


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