CompTIA(CASP+) Advanced Security Practitioner

CompTIA(CASP+) Advanced Security Practitioner


With a CASP+ certification, you can demonstrate your expertise in security architecture and engineering within traditional, cloud-based or hybrid environments.



With a CASP+ certification, you can demonstrate your expertise in security architecture and engineering within traditional, cloud-based or hybrid environments. Additionally, this advanced level cybersecurity credentialing covers governance, risk management and compliance procedures – enabling you to assess an organization’s cyber readiness as well as lead technical teams through complete enterprise-wide cybersecurity solutions.

CompTIA CASP+ is the only certification that encompass both security architecture and engineering in one certification. This allows technical leaders to assess cyber readiness within an enterprise, create solutions that will protect them from potential attacks, and implement effective strategies for long-term success. With CASP+, you can rest assured knowing your organization is prepared for whatever comes its way!

CompTIA CASP+ has been officially verified by the US Department of Defense according to directive 8140/8570.01-M, and its compliance with ISO 17024 standards provides reliability that is trusted by regulators and governments worldwide. CompTIA’s ANSI accreditation ensures consistency in examination results as well; since 2011, over 2.3 million exams have met these standards!

To be successful, applicants must have the necessary understanding to:

  • Design, construct, connect and execute secure solutions across intricate environments to bolster a dependable enterprise.
  • Embrace monitoring, detection, incident response and automation to effectively enable dynamic security operations in the corporate arena.
  • To ensure the safety of cloud, on-premises, endpoint and mobile networks, apply comprehensive security practices that leverage cryptographic technologies and techniques.
  • Grasp the effect of governance, risk management, and compliance regulations across your organization for maximum efficiency.

What technical skills related to security will you learn in this CompTIA CASP+ online training program:

  • Security architect
  • Security operations
  • Advanced cybersecurity configurations
  • Cybersecurity readiness
  • Level of cybersecurity
  • Essential security concepts
  • Endpoint security controls
  • Enterprise-level security concerns
  • Cloud security solutions
  • Common organization security policies
  • Security Engineering and Cryptography

About our online training course

If you’re seeking to become a CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP-003), the CASP+ training course is perfect for you. This extensive program will provide intense knowledge in risk management, enterprise security operations and architecture, researching & collaboration, along with integration of enterprise security – all while prepping you on everything needed to ace the upcoming exam. The CompTIA CASP+ certification stands as the premier security qualification provided by CompTIA. This course is designed for experienced students and cyber security practitioners that will execute cyber protection protocols. For those considering this course, we strongly advocate a background in Security+, CySA+, and PenTest+ qualifications first to maximize your success rate!


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